Mellyssa Angel Diggs | Freelance Graphic Designer for Digital, Print, & Web



I am a freelance graphic designer, total nerd, and early morning riser from Pennsylvania residing in southern California. I am the owner and founder of Ai-Konic Graphics. My work ranges from digital design, branding, logo design to traditional graphic design, editorials, and advertisements. I am even a photographer on my spare time.

At a young age, I developed my passion for art through drawing, fashion, and sketching. I began exploring the ideas of curves and geometric shapes. However, I didn’t get into design to be an ordinary artist but to make a difference to my viewers and people around the world. I like to break the rules of culture and while just being black and cosplaying, advocating people of color (who cosplay).

I have big dreams and goals that can take me anywhere. I am as persistent as they come, and a perfectionist with an eye for detail. I want to create something that impacts peoples lives and make people think.