Mellyssa Angel Diggs | Freelance Graphic Designer for Digital, Print, & Web

About Me

b. 1986, HK.


I was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania on February 28th, 1990 and currently residing in San Bernardino, California since December 2013. I am a graphic designer and the founder of Ai-Konic Graphics working predominantly in print and branding design, but includes advertising in my large-scale designs. I have a BS in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design from Lincoln University of PA in 2012. I am currently attending the Academy of Art University Online for my Master’s in Graphic Design.

At a young age, I developed my passion for art through drawing and sketching. I am into world peace, Manga, and Anime. Then I began getting into tattoo design, exploring the ideas of curves and geometric shapes. No one believed I could posses this kind of talent. It was something that made me different from everyone else. 

I didn’t get into design to be an artist. To me, an artist creates things to evoke emotion. Being a designer goes a step further than that, not only trying to evoke emotion but try to make a reaction. It is very objective driven, and that’s what makes it interesting.

I did not get into design to be an ordinary artist. I work in the eye of the computer screen gaining an understanding of visuals that convey an effective and memorable message representing personal identity. I love working with people, images and typography. I pull layers across a sized canvas and combine my experience, and aesthetics to any design solution. I create stories that touch on our struggles, culture, and the world. I believe I have discovered a niche in the contemporary art world by creating graphic art and I want to create art that appeals to the meaning of life.

Everything revolves around culture. Everything was influence by something and I want create art that appeals to ones culture and the meaning of life.

I have big dreams and goals that could take me anywhere. I am as persistent as they come, and a perfectionist with an eye for detail.

CV available upon request.